What is Speaking Chalk?

SPEAKING CHALK is a team of enthusiastic volunteers, boys and girls (ladies and men who are young at heart) to help children  from economically challenged families. These students usually do not have an English speaking environment at home. Although they study in English medium schools , their spoken English has a lot to be desired. They commit many mistakes in the grammar and pronunciation. Despite their shortcomings, the enthusiasm to learn, to participate in class activities and prove themselves at competitions gives the volunteers the impetus to encourage and support the students in their academic and extra curricular endeavours. 

Started in 2016 by Sandhya Godey, today it is a team of more than 40 volunteers. The Speaking Chalk currently works with the students of one school with plans to support students of more schools from the academic session 2018-19.

Just one Hour emphasises the fact that, of the 24 x 7, 168 hours in a week  – all one need’s to contribute is just ONE hour – which is less than 1 percent of their time. This small percentage of time eventually translates into a big change in the life of the students and their future.

How it all started ..

A chance encounter with a few students led to an offer to help bridge the gap between their academic English and spoken effort. That was the start of a journey called Speaking Chalk.
Unlearning some of the mistakes the student frequently made, and learning the right rules required to be inculcated early in their schooling. This meant having to mentor classes right from class 1. Additional classes called for an expanded volunteer-base and a coordinated effort over-all. Speaking Chalk soon became a volunteer group activity.
Speaking Chalk is a 100% volunteer group powered by an enthusiastic team of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences with the common aim of sharing their time and life experiences to mentor students from economically challenged backgrounds. The team has had about 80 volunteers devote their time and energy for varying lengths of time since its inception in October 2016. In this short span of time it has also received generous backing and support of citizens and corporates in various forms.
The emphasis on “Just an Hour”, from the 168 hours in a week, can go a long way in bettering the future of a child..


Founder – Speaking Chalk


1. To improve the conversational and comprehension standard of English and other subjects
2. To encourage students by preparing them for competitions to increase their confidence such engagements inculcate .
3. Use non conventional teaching methods such as role play, drama, songs, script writing and games to improve knowledge.
4. To introduce and counsel students on career options.
5. Encourage and motivate students to understand subject and respond to questions in their own words
6. Replicate the volunteer model in as many schools as possible